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Paphos Beaches

Paphos has an array of picturesque beaches from sandy to pebbly, secluded and public stretching along the miandering coast.

Coral Bay has the finest sandy beaches in the Paphos District, Coral Bay beach itself and Coralia. Both beaches attract thousands of visitors per year due to their clear, sparkling blue waters with sandy shallow depths, safe swimming, range of water sports facilities, snack huts and sunbeds. Through out the year you will find a mix of holiday makers and locals, giving reasurrance this is the place to be.

There are a handful of working harbours in the Paphos district, but dont go thinking that means masses of yachts and cruise liners, all you will find in these sleepy ports are working fishing boats that capture the Cyprus charm and have been a focal point of many photographs over the years.

Excellent for snorklling and scuba diving, the enchanting, tiny harbour area of St George’s near the Akamas National Park is a great place to soak up the sun’s rays in the summer and explore the hidden coves and headlands in the depths of winter. A captivating setting for romantic weddings, St George’s church is located high on the hill overlooking the serene coast and has won the hearts of many a lover on their special day.

The Seacaves area, like much of Paphos, was once rural and barren land but over recent years it has changed dramatically. Seacaves now is known as one of the finest residential areas in Cyprus, offering some of the most exclusive villas on the island. When the sun goes down over the breathtaking rugged coastline and small sandy coves with crystal clear waters it is a magical experience.

Lara Bay also known as Turtle beach is north of Paphos nestled away in the remote Akamas National Park. Reaching Lara Bay is an adverture in itself with miles of uneven tracks and hiden away secluded beauty spots. As the name suggests, Turtle Beach, is a long stretch of coastline where attemps are being made to protect the turtles and provide safe sites for when they lay their eggs. This is one of the few places left where loggerhead and greenback turtles can be found. Here in the Akamas you will find some of the most breathtaking, spectacular scenery on the Island, after all it is a natural beauty spot.

Polis and Latchi are charming, quaint villages located on the Northern coast of the island. Latchi is a small fishing village, which before it was a tourist area, was a sponge diving area. The pebble beaches in the area are a major attraction to tourists; local people from the city of Nicosia are found here at the hottest time of year on holiday and basking in the sun. The waters suddenly deepen here making ideal conditions for water sports and diving, which can be found along the coast.

There are 11 Blue flag beaches in the Paphos district making swimming safer for our visitors and our selves. See below for the location of these beachs, maybe you fancy a beach crawl over a weekend in the summer?