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Step 2 – Inspection & Selection

Come find your home…
Looking at plans and reading up on local areas are all good research for you, however there comes a point when you really need to inspect the areas and properties first hand.  We at Propsecta Development know how important it is for you to find a property and area that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Our tailor made 4 day inspection trips will give you the opportunity to view properties which match your personal requirements, discover the Paphos region and experience local hospitality.  You will receive one to one attention during your visit, ensuring all your questions are answered and you make the right selection.

For further information on our tailor made inspection trip please contact us.

Select your home…
When you walk in, You’ll know it’s right!  Everything will feel like home, you will picture your furniture in the house.  You will think about sitting on the sun terrace with a glass of chilled wine or a Keo and then you will realise you have the power to stop dreaming and start living.