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Paphos Lifestyle Guide

Have you ever dreamed of just packing it all in and moving to sunnier shores?

Ever thought that there must be a better lifestyle available to you than the one you are living right now?

Does the idea of a sunny climate, great beaches and a slower pace of life sound better than rain, cold and damp, stress and traffic jams?

More and more people are deciding that they want something better. A better, healthier lifestyle for themselves and their children.

More and more people are choosing to make Cyprus their home, either as a place to retire to, or just as a healthier place to live and work. The climate is superb, (as long as you like lots of sunshine), English is freely spoken in all the major towns, good schools and excellent medical care is available and the locals are very friendly, plus the cost of living is very reasonable.

Cyprus is a historical island with spectacular landscape that varies between rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, rocky hills and forest covered mountains. Rich in history and culture, with fascinating scenery and climate, a home to millions of visitors every year, Cyprus is one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean.

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